Fox: X Men First Class to New York

Danger of Death! Serbian TV presenter Ivan Ivanovich becomes an X Man.

BRIEF: A unique, immersive experience was required that would deliver global media partnerships and associated coverage across partner platforms in Broadcast, Print, Social and Online media.

IDEA AND IMPLEMENTATION : An X Men training academy was created on board the USS Intrepid. A decommissioned aircraft carrier berthed in the Hudson River in New York. A range of mutant skills were taught to presenters, journalists and audience members of the media partners involved. The skills were those that the film actors used in preparation for their roles.

Havoc: Can direct fearsome bolts of energy from his body. A Tesla Coil was used to connect X Men Recruits to 1 million volts of electricity to do the same!

Beast: His gymnastic and gravity defying feats are similar to those used by Free Runners. Participants scaled the exterior of our ship from Quayside to flight deck using our special powers!

Banshee prepared for his role by using the USA’s largest vertical wind tunnel to create super hero flight. So did X Men recruits! Finally, Hollywood stuntmen helped recreate the fight scenes from the film.

Real life X Man shows how super hero flight is achieved!

Care was taken to give the experience a period feel, set against the film’s backdrop of the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960’s. The USS Intrepid was chosen as host venue because it actually formed part of the US Naval blockade of the Russian fleet during the crisis..

So we are just going to let go now!

16 international media partners were tied into the campaign to provide two huge swathes of publicity: Wide publicity drive across multiple platforms to find X Men recruits from partner audiences, who would participate alongside a presenter from each partner channel. The AV content was used to make dedicated programming for broadcast in partner territories.

IMPACT : – At least £24 million (105 times the cost of project) of media value delivered in 131 markets confirmed.

– This included the USA, India, South East Asia, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Russia, Pakistan and a host of smaller markets as diverse as Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, The Philippines and Holland.

The X Man secret hand shake is a dead giveaway in public!

– MTV made a 30-minute show about the experiences of their presenter at the event. This was shown in 83 markets.

– Capital Radio UK produced a breakfast show broadcast live from the event in New York; Breakfast show presenter Dave Berry underwent X Men training adapted to suit radio broadcast.

– STV ASIA Channel V feature was shown 3168 times in 33 markets and totalled 185 hours of programming.

Film blogger Joe Utichi sends himself up as an unlikely X Man…

MTV's Alice Levine's levitation lessons paid off at X Man academy!

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