Sony Pictures: Global Smurf’s Day


BRIEF: Organise the UK leg of the global birthday celebration of Peyo: the Belgian artist who created The Smurfs. The celebration was the opening salvo in the campaign to launch the 3D feature film debut of The Smurfs movie.

11 countries, thousands of people painted blue: It must be Global Smurf's Day!

IDEA & IMPLEMENTATION : The main feature of the celebration was a Guinness World Record attempt: The largest simultaneous gathering of people dressed as Smurfs in multiple countries! 12 countries took part in the attempt and the Guinness rules stipulated that the gatherings had to be synchronised across international time zones. Everybody gathering in every country in Smurf attire and full blue body paint makeover at exactly the same moment in time!

Heather Morris from Glee gets Smurfed for Global Smurfs Day!

The 02’s Live Quarter was chosen as the venue, a true celebration was built around the proceedings with on going cabaret style entertainment family entertainers including Smurf stilt walkers, Smurf unicyclists and all sorts of fairground type attractions. Magic FM’s breakfast show presenter Jamie Edwards played host to the whole event.

Smurf recruitment opened with a wide social media campaign driving people to register in advance to take part at an official Global Smurfs Day hub
A community outreach programme to local schools, colleges and other stakeholders close to The 02 followed. The 02’s digital media and broadcast network was also employed to create buzz amongst audiences at their live events.

Regional and national PR campaign, tie in with Magic FM breakfast show, and a full page advert in the Metro delivered the final elements of the publicity campaign.

Sea of Blue

IMPACT: 16000 likes on official facebook page and a genuine depth of community debate and image sharing pre and post event
6000 people registered to take in the actual record attempt at the registration site

8000 people turned up on the day with 2021 of them in full Smurf attire taking part in the record attempt at 5pm

The Guinness world record was achieved with a total of 4518 people dressed as Smurfs across all participating countries – The 02 was by far the most spectacular, contributing to over 2000 of the total

Broadcast coverage included Daybreak on ITV, The Chris Moyles Show on Radio One and Something for the Weekend on BBC2

Print coverage has been achieved in Daily Mirror, Heat Magazine, Chat Magazine, OK, The Metro, Time Out, The Guardian and there are hundreds of listings and local features: A Google search on Global Smurfs Day reveals a well rounded communications campaign with extensive reach.

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